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Discrimination and the Persecutory Impulse

Reflections on the 7th World Congress on Religious Freedom & Human Rights he persecutory impulse is alive and well in many societies throughout the world. This has been made forcefully and eloquently clear during this Congress, despite the many progress reports of many countries represented at this quadrennial event. Brigham Young University Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr., reminded us that ... Read More »

The Future of the Liberal World Order

Wealth and power are moving from the North and the West to the East and the South… More  » Read More »

Germany’s Highest Court Rules Sunday

 to be kept as a day of rest and overturns a Berlin law easing… Read More »

America’s Would-be Saviors

… and Rome’s Foreign Policy Influence t is not just the Pope who is drawing hundreds of thousands, with throngs pressing all about to get a glimpse of him, and maybe even a touch of his hand. During his media saturated whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe, Illinois Senator Barack Obama drew a wildly enthusiastic crowd of over ... Read More »

The Clash of Kingdoms

Making Sense of the Global War on Terrorism oday there are two significant global movements that enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The first involves America’s accelerated role as the world’s propagator of democratic values, and as a matter of national and international security the world’s enforcer of those values. The second is the not-so-obvious rapid global expansion of Christianity, a phenomenon ... Read More »