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113th Congress Most Religiously Diverse Ever — and Why It Matters


The U.S. Senate’s current focus on potential filibuster reform spotlights an important question: Where do the rights of minority groups… Read More »

Post-Election Fight over the ‘Evangelical’ Brand


While social conservative groups think that the election loss was due to a failure of Republicans to emphasize social issues, other evangelical leaders are calling for a divorce of evangelicalism from partisan politics… Read More »

Do Elections Indicate the Death of the Christian Right? Not So Fast


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Mormonism & Schism on the Christian Right


Everyone knows that the historic animosity towards Mormonism among conservative evangelicals is a political problem for Mitt Romney… More Read More »

State-by-State Advocacy of U.S. Religious Liberty Launches.


Representatives from nine state legislatures have announced the formation of state-level religious freedom caucuses… More Read More »

The GOP’s Secularism Problem


There’s been much angst on the right over the Republican Party’s growing demographic problems… More Read More »

President Obama Speaks on His Faith and Values


President Obama released a video this week in which he discussed why faith is important to him and how his faith has guided him in his life as a husband, as a father and as president… More Read More »

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Republican National Convention Blessing Prompts Debate

New Yorkers Show Off Their Holiday Fashions At Annual Easter Parade

“The cozy relationship between a sizable portion of U.S. bishops and the Republican Party should be cause for concern, and not just among progressive Catholics”… More Read More »

Dolan is Playing a Dangerous Game

New York Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With Annual Parade

The notion that Catholic bishops in the United States have not been involved in politics historically or should not be involved in politics is… More Read More »

Obama and Romney Talk to D.C. Magazine About Their Faiths


President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney addressed skeptics who question their faith and offered divergent views of the separation of church and state… More Read More »