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A Religious Landscape Ripe for Revival

U.S. citizens are on the move religiously. Many people are not staying in the churches of their upbringings. “This is not your parents’ church,” many now could say as they show up on Sunday mornings. But where are they going? More… Read More »

Americans Change Faiths at Rising Rate, Report Finds

More than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith of their childhood to join another religion or no religion, according to a new survey of religious affiliation by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life… More… Read More »

Protestants Verging on Becoming Minorities

Protestants are on the verge of becoming a statistical minority in the U.S., according to a study released today. Whereas nearly two thirds of Americans identified themselves as Protestant as recently as the 1980s, only 51 percent identify as Protestant today… More… Read More »

Vatican Prepares for Meeting with Muslims

The first meetings were held earlier this week at the Vatican to prepare for the visit of representatives of the 138 Muslim scholars who have offered to conduct interreligious dialogue… More… Read More »

Baptist (BWA)-Catholic Dialogue

Representatives of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Baptist World Alliance held the second meeting of a four-year dialogue Dec. 2-8 at the Vatican…. More… Read More »

Surveys Find Americans Tolerant of Religious Beliefs

When it comes to religion, modern Americans think religious beliefs are good, but they tend to worry about beliefs that affect other people. As a rule, religious words are safer than religious actions. Consider these numbers from a new Ellison Research study… Read More »

Survey: Non-attendees Find Faith Outside Church

More than one in five (22%) of Americans say they never go to church, the highest ever recorded by the General Social Survey, conducted every two years by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago… Read More »

Building a Wall Between Church and Hate

In a telling turn on a much-used phrase, former World Vision president Ambassador Robert Seiple today urged IRLA World Congress participants to promote “the separation of church and hate. This has been an extraordinary year for our issue of religious freedom,” noted Seiple, former U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious liberty… Read More »

A New Ecumenical Wind

A new wind is blowing across the Christian landscape, one with the potential to transform the ecumenical movement. How should Seventh-day Adventists, with our keen interest in end-time developments, relate to it? Read More »

The Evangelical Crackup

Immanuel has stood for Southern Baptist traditionalism for more than half a century. Until recently, its pastor, Terry Fox, was the Jerry Falwell of the Sunflower State — the public face of the conservative Christian political movement… Read More »