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Today’s Domestic and International Threats to Religious Freedom: They May Not Be What You Think They Are
Segments listed below (Washington Campmeeting 2013):

1) The Global Ecumenical Threat to Religious Freedom (Rev. 17:12-14) – Part I
2) Islam & America’s Christian Nation Debate
3) Rome’s Attractive Solution to World Peace (Rev. 13:3, 13)
4) The Clash of Kingdoms: Love, Power, and Betrayal in the Upper Room, and the Pitfalls of Christian Zionism (John 13:1-17; John 6)
5) The Global Ecumenical Threat to Religious Freedom (Rev. 17:12-14) – Part II

1) Religious Leaders Inspire “We the People” to Demand a National Sunday Law (Mark 15/Rev. 13:13, 14)
2) Nullification & the Development of America’s Two-Party System – A Prophetic Epilogue?
3) America’s Quest for Religious Freedom – From Puritanism to Constitutional Founding
4) Ellen White, Current Issues & National Reform

Holocaust survivor, Alter Wiener, shared his story with the NPUC on June 17, 2013. His autobiography, From a Name to a Number, tells about his life and how he survived five concentration camps during World War II. Quote from his presentation: “The one who makes you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The Global Interfaith “Left”Threat to Religious Freedom – Lecture given on April 13, 2013

The Global Ecumenical Threat to Religious Freedom – Revelation 17:12-14 – Lecture

An Ecumenical Dialog on the Election of Pope Francis – TV Interview

“We the People” and Christ’s Counter-Revolution
Based on Mark 15 and Revelation 13, the fickle crowd dynamics at Christ’s trial parallels today’s political and religious crowd. As the Founders predicted, this foment is leading to the dissolution of our Constitution. But Christ is preparing those who will listen and learn — as He did with His disciples — for a greater revolutionary calling in these last days. –  Presentation at ASI, Orlando, FL on 8/9/2013 More…

“We the People” & Christ’s Counter-Revolution
(See description above). – Presentation at Chehalis, WA on 1/26/2013 More…

Interviews with Greg Hamilton Appearanced on Better Life TV on domestic and foreign policy. Go here and scroll down.

America at the Prophetic Crossroads 2009  Click here and scroll down to view the 2009 presentations online. (Purchased recordings are much better quality than downloaded presentations due to file size.) Order your CDs and DVDs today!

Religious Liberty Revival Weekend July 2009  

Religious Liberty Revival Weekend July 2008

Constitutional Issues

America’s Christian Nation Debate  The greatest threat to our constitutional system stems from a few overzealous souls who seek to reinterpret our nation’s constitutional history in a way… More…

The Anti-Slavery Origins of the 14th Amendment Was it the Framers’ intent to “incorporate” the Bill of Rights into the 14th Amendment and make them applicable to the states? More…

Ecumentical Trends

Evangelicals and Catholics United – At What Price? The alliance between Evangelicals and Catholics in America is changing the balance of power between church and state… More »

Foreign Affairs

Romanian Conscience & Liberty Association Partners With City Hall  Conscience and Liberty Association, Romania in partnership with Lugoj City Hall, organized Monday, March 11, 2013 a symposium entitled Religious Liberty or Religious Tolerance. The round table was attended by representatives from churches and government from Lugoj, and took place in the city hall council’s chambers, and featured Gregory Hamilton, President of the NW Religious Liberty Association from the USA. More »

America’s Would-be Saviors  Barack Obama’s approach to foreign policy possesses the same potential pitfalls as John McCain’s when it comes to Rome’s increasing involvement in… More »

Making Sense of the Global War on Terror  Today there are two global movements that enjoy a symbiotic relationship. As a matter of national and international security, the first involves… More »

Obama’s Olive Branch Doctrine (PART I):  President Barack Obama came to Cairo in 2009 with the purpose of announcing to the Arab-Muslim world that he was not following his predecessor’s “Democracy Project” as a matter of U.S. Middle East policy. One could call this Obama’s “Olive Branch Doctrine”: the message that interfaith tolerance & unity, rather than the insistence of religious freedom and democracy, would be the foreign policy model pursued by his Administration. In a stroke of illusory foreign policy realism, he was communicating to Arab Muslims that it was not the purpose of the United States to convert anyone to its way of thinking, politically or religiously… More »

Obama’s Olive Branch Doctrine (PART II):  President Obama’s middle-ground approach to the credible and well-established “Clash of Civilizations” theme – when formulating international religious freedom policy – is best understood when placed on a scale between tolerance and international consensus (an interfaith, “soft-power” approach), and America’s constitutional ideal of religious freedom and human rights (an Evangelical and “exacting” approach). Yet both policy methods delimit religious freedom, threatening it altogether… More »

Canadian Foreign Minister Promotes International Religious Freedom  Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs was the keynote speaker May 24 at the 10th annual Religious Liberty Dinner, which brought together leaders and officials from Washington D.C’s diplomatic community, government agencies, faith groups, and advocacy organizations to affirm religious freedom as a “bedrock” human right. In a wide-ranging, often moving speech, Minister John Baird touched on Canada’s commitment to promoting human rights through its foreign policy, as well as his personal conviction that defending freedom requires a willingness to act with integrity, no matter what the cost… More »

Discrimination & the Persecutory Impulse  The persecutory impulse is alive and well in many societies throughout the world. This has been made forcefully and eloquently clear during this Congress, despite the many progress reports of many countries represented at this quadrennial event… More »

National Reform Issues

Ellen White & National Moral Reform: Balancing National Temperance Reform with Opposition to Sunday Law Legislation … More »

Politics & Religion

Politics & Religion: Should the United States be governed by religious or secular principles? Do Christians have a role in politics? Cindy Chamberlain, managing editor, Gleaner magazine, interviews Greg Hamilton… Download PDF »

Religion, Law & Philosophy

Francis Schaeffer’s “Bottom Line”  In A Christian Manifesto, theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer revived the traditional Christian view of civil disobedience that… More »