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Holocaust Survivor Shares His Life Story

Alter Wiener shared his story with the NPUC on June 17, 2013. His autobiography, From a Name to a Number, tells about his life and how he survived five concentration camps during World War II. Quote from his presentation: “The one who makes you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Read More »

Can Latino Evangelicals Save the Republican Party?

Republicans don’t like to boast about it in public, but one of the reasons they aren’t necessarily sweating the historic increase in Latino voters in politically pivotal states in future national elections is their faith in God… Read More »

Arabs Need a U.S.-Like First Amendment

At a time when religion is clearly the biggest obstacle to progress in the Arab world, it would be great to have a First Amendment-like clause in all Arab constitutions… Read More »

Tunisia’s New Constitution Could Be Regional Model

Tunisia’s slow transition from dictatorship to democracy reaches an end with a final debate on the new constitution, the first in the Arab world to avoid mentioning… Read More »