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Clinton Calls on Global Community to Promote Religious Tolerance

Protecting religious freedom in countries around the world promotes peace, stability and security for the international community and remains a fundamental concern of the United States… More » Read More »

The Mormon Constitution

The implications of believing that the Declaration of Independence is divinely inspired… More Read More »

Conservative Congressman Blasts Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Allegations, Stands Up For Religious Liberty

One of the most conservative congressmen in the country stepped up to defend Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton,… More Read More »

LDS, Evangelicals Share Political Aims and ‘Restorationism’…

Referring to white evangelical Christians and Mormons as “the twin pillars of the GOP,” author and scholar Mark R. Silk told some 300 Sunstone Symposium attendees… Read More »

The EU is out of time to deal with crisis

The European Union has run out of time and its leaders don’t know it. They are proposing plans… More » Read More »

Religious Freedom Issues at Heart of HHS Lawsuits, Legal Scholars Say

The regulations that would require employers to provide free health insurance coverage for contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilizations are a contravention of religious freedom, “and that’s everybody’s business.”  More Read More »

Canadian Foreign Minister Promotes International Religious Freedom

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs was the keynote speaker May 24 at the 10th annual Religious Liberty Dinner, which brought together leaders and officials from Washington D.C’s diplomatic community, government agencies, faith groups, and advocacy organizations to affirm religious freedom as a “bedrock” human right. In a wide-ranging, often moving speech, Minister John Baird touched on Canada’s commitment to promoting ... Read More »

Supreme Court Decision on Religion Upends Campus Religious Groups

While the 5-4 decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez was primarily aimed at public colleges and universities, some conservatives say the decision has upended university religious life… Read More »

Private Faith and Public Policy

Where Obama and Santorum Agree: Let’s not vomit on JFK’s famous church-state speech… Read More »

Discrimination and the Persecutory Impulse

Reflections on the 7th World Congress on Religious Freedom & Human Rights he persecutory impulse is alive and well in many societies throughout the world. This has been made forcefully and eloquently clear during this Congress, despite the many progress reports of many countries represented at this quadrennial event. Brigham Young University Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr., reminded us that ... Read More »