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Vatican Prepares for Meeting with Muslims

The first meetings were held earlier this week at the Vatican to prepare for the visit of representatives of the 138 Muslim scholars who have offered to conduct interreligious dialogue… More… Read More »

Bush Says Prayer has Brought Him through

Every year a National Prayer Breakfast is held in Washington D.C. to gather government officials of diverse faith backgrounds to honor their faith in God. At this year’s prayer breakfast, President Bush related how prayer has helped him… More…  Read More »

Baptist (BWA)-Catholic Dialogue

Representatives of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Baptist World Alliance held the second meeting of a four-year dialogue Dec. 2-8 at the Vatican…. More… Read More »

McCain Surges in Polls, Many Evangelicals Wary

As his poll numbers continue to climb dramatically with Republicans, John McCain has been extending an olive branch to evangelicals in the party. But evidence is mixed… More… Read More »

Does Constitutional Theory Matter?

The arcane terms of constitutional theory will make their way into the candidates’ speeches and become topics of discussion on political talk shows – strict constructionism, originalism (in several versions), textualism, pragmatism, the living constitution… Read More »

Surveys Find Americans Tolerant of Religious Beliefs

When it comes to religion, modern Americans think religious beliefs are good, but they tend to worry about beliefs that affect other people. As a rule, religious words are safer than religious actions. Consider these numbers from a new Ellison Research study… Read More »

Survey: Non-attendees Find Faith Outside Church

More than one in five (22%) of Americans say they never go to church, the highest ever recorded by the General Social Survey, conducted every two years by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago… Read More »

Dow Jones Launches New Faith-Based Index

After investments in stock market based on Islamic values, investors would now be able to park money in stocks of companies that operate in accordance with the principles of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Global index developer Dow Jones Indexes, in partnership with… More… Read More »

Lethal Injection Challenge

Lethal injection is used for capital punishment by the Federal Government and 36 States, at least 30 of which (including Kentucky) use the same combination… Read More »

Building a Wall Between Church and Hate

In a telling turn on a much-used phrase, former World Vision president Ambassador Robert Seiple today urged IRLA World Congress participants to promote “the separation of church and hate. This has been an extraordinary year for our issue of religious freedom,” noted Seiple, former U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious liberty… Read More »