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Towards an Ethical Approach to Conversion – Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World

The World Evangelical Alliance, together with Pentecostals from the United States were invited by the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID), to participate in a consultation entitled “Towards an Ethical Approach to Conversion – Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World” held in… Read More »

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

 Could martial law ever become a reality in America?  Some fear any nuclear, biological or chemical attack on U.S. soil might trigger… More…  Read More »

Papal Diplomacy: God’s Ambassadors

The job of representing the pope in Burundi brings with it a fine colonial villa, but nobody would say Archbishop Paul Gallagher has an enviable post. In 2003 his predecessor, Archbishop Michael Courtney, died in a hail of bullets… Read More »

Union-dues Exemptions Broadened

No employee should have to pay dues to a labor union whose political positions conflict with his or her religious convictions, a federal court in Ohio has ruled… Read More »

The Shortsighted Nature of Francis Schaeffer’s Bottom Line

A Review of “A Christian Manifesto” in the Light of Scriptural Revelation Schaeffer’s “Bottom Line” In A Christian Manifesto, one of the most influential books written in the twentieth century, theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer revived the traditional Christian view of civil disobedience that Christians must obey God rather than men when forced to choose between fundamental Christian principles and ... Read More »

Religious Freedom Threatened at UN

On Friday, the United Nations passed a seemingly innocuous resolution combating the “defamation of religions.” Further investigation reveals that this motion has erroneously equated legitimate discussion of religious beliefs with the incitement of religious… More… Read More »

The Triclinium Affair

Love, Power, and Betrayal in the Upper Room Overview n revisiting Christ’s complex relationship with Judas, we discover how Judas’s attempt to manage what he believed was Christ’s revolutionary movement to establish His kingdom on earth mirrors contemporary religious and political attitudes and strategies in the United States, and how this is leading many Christians, in the long run, to ... Read More »

Evangelicals & Catholics United — At What Price?

The alliance between Evangelicals and Catholics in America is changing the balance of power between church and state… Download PDF of article featured in the Gleaner Read More »

The Clash of Kingdoms

Making Sense of the Global War on Terrorism oday there are two significant global movements that enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The first involves America’s accelerated role as the world’s propagator of democratic values, and as a matter of national and international security the world’s enforcer of those values. The second is the not-so-obvious rapid global expansion of Christianity, a phenomenon ... Read More »

The Revolution of 1800

Thomas Jefferson and the Puritan Assault on the Constitution During the Election of 1800 hen reflecting on his election to the presidency in 1800, Thomas Jefferson was pleased with how quickly the nation had adapted to the peaceful transfer of political power from one party to another. Republicans had narrowly defeated the Federalists; John Adams, the incumbent president, had quietly stepped ... Read More »