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How R.I.’s Roger Williams Gave Us Thanksgiving As We Know It

Americans are confused about Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims whose Plymouth feast generates the story are remembered as pioneers of freedom of conscience, brave souls who crossed an ocean for the sake of religious liberty. Not quite… Read More »

President Obama Discusses Religious Freedom During Overseas Trip

President Obama is the first U.S. President to visit Burma, and during a speech today noting the country’s transition to democracy, he spoke on the importance of religious freedom…. More Read More »

Do Elections Indicate the Death of the Christian Right? Not So Fast

Post-election recriminations for the Republican shellacking have focused on various suspects… Read More »

North Carolina Religion Bill Killed-But One Third Of Americans Want Christianity As Official Religion Of USA

While a resolution that would have cleared the way for an official state religion in North Carolina was quickly pulled from consideration by the state’s Republican Speaker of the House, a new poll indicates … Read More »

Massachusetts High Court to Consider “Under God” In Pledge

The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has agreed to hear a dispute over the requirement that school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase “under God.” Read More »

Wary of Future, Professionals Leave China in Record Numbers

Despite China’s tremendous economic successes in recent years, lured by Australia’s healthier environment, robust social services and the freedom to start a family in a country that guarantees religious freedoms. More Read More »

The Anti-Slavery Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment

Introduction he written words of our Constitution, and their meaning, are what makes America’s freedoms genuine. How the Constitution is interpreted impacts the manner in which our freedoms are defined and implemented from time-to-time. These changes are perhaps more crucial than the outcomes of wars (i.e., our own Civil War), and constitutional change is made possible through the amendment process. ... Read More »

Massachusetts Law Against Quakers

Religion was taken seriously in the seventeenth century in Europe and America because most people still believed that their faith dealt with issues of truth, not simply the opinions of men…. More Read More »

Vatican II at age 50

Fifty years ago this month, the Roman Catholic Church embarked on a period of soul-searching that reverberated far beyond St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome… More Read More »

Mormonism & Schism on the Christian Right

Everyone knows that the historic animosity towards Mormonism among conservative evangelicals is a political problem for Mitt Romney… More Read More »