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Complicity in the Holocaust: Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany

On Monday, the Northwest Religious Liberty Association cosponsored with Walla Walla Adventist Forum, Walla Walla University, and the University Church, an evening lecture by Dr. Robert P. Ericksen on how an advanced, highly-educated, Christian nation grew to enthusiastically accept and support Nazi ideology. Robert P. Ericksen is Kurt Mayer Chair in Holocaust Studies and Professor of History at Pacific Lutheran ... Read More »

The 25-Year Legacy of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association

Public Advocacy Because of their prophetic beliefs, Seventh-day Adventists have imagined a world without religious freedom perhaps more than most people of faith. Curiously this proclivity has at times led some Adventists to minimize the importance of religious freedom as a “public ministry.” Any group must reject tendencies toward public isolation and parochialism. In the 1880s Adventists and other alert ... Read More »

Retro Essay: Declaring the United States a “Christian Nation” does not make it one

In January 1886, the Seventh-day Adventist Church published the first edition  of The American Sentinel with the motto, “Corrupted freemen are the worst of slaves.” Edited by Alonzo Trevier Jones, the issue focused on the subject of whether the United States could be made a truly “Christian nation” through an amendment to the U.S.Constitution that had been proposed by the ... Read More »

America’s Quest for Religious Freedom & the Political Scientist Who Made the Dream Come True

In the sweltering summer of 1789, James Madison penned sixteen words in spare prose that became the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Herein the founding fathers of a young government pledged separation of church and state, thus guaranteeing religious freedom for its citizens and establishing a free marketplace for religion in the United States. Utterly unprecedented in Western ... Read More »

UVa Press Putting Papers of 6 Founding Fathers Online

The University of Virginia Press is putting the papers of 6 Founding Fathers on the Internet… Read More »

Was Jefferson for Jesus?­­­ Our Founding Father’s Religious Resume

During our recent 2012 partisan campaign, with its familiar bipolar rhetoric regarding religion, we inevitably heard calls upon Jesus and the Founding Fathers, the latter… Read More »

How R.I.’s Roger Williams Gave Us Thanksgiving As We Know It

Americans are confused about Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims whose Plymouth feast generates the story are remembered as pioneers of freedom of conscience, brave souls who crossed an ocean for the sake of religious liberty. Not quite… Read More »

The Anti-Slavery Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment

Introduction he written words of our Constitution, and their meaning, are what makes America’s freedoms genuine. How the Constitution is interpreted impacts the manner in which our freedoms are defined and implemented from time-to-time. These changes are perhaps more crucial than the outcomes of wars (i.e., our own Civil War), and constitutional change is made possible through the amendment process. ... Read More »

Massachusetts Law Against Quakers

Religion was taken seriously in the seventeenth century in Europe and America because most people still believed that their faith dealt with issues of truth, not simply the opinions of men…. More Read More »

Separation of Church & State Has Always Been There

An earlier column on our blessing of the First Amendment of the Constitution including the separation of church and state Read More »