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Idaho Pastor Wins Bid for Senate Chaplain

n a clear answer to prayer, on Sunday evening, October 21, the Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA), and its candidate, won its yearlong bid to have a Seventh-day Adventist pastor serve in the honorable role of Senate Chaplain for the State of Idaho. This will be for a one-year term during Idaho’s 2013 Legislative Session, which begins in January. Jim ... Read More »

Discrimination and the Persecutory Impulse

Reflections on the 7th World Congress on Religious Freedom & Human Rights he persecutory impulse is alive and well in many societies throughout the world. This has been made forcefully and eloquently clear during this Congress, despite the many progress reports of many countries represented at this quadrennial event. Brigham Young University Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr., reminded us that ... Read More »

8th Annual Religious Liberty Banquet

Church-State Separation Should Not Block Religious Input Representative Forbes at annual religious liberty event: Save faith and religion a ‘seat at the table’  ithout freedom of religious expression, no discussion of life’s fundamental questions — “What is the meaning of life?” and “What are my rights and obligations?” — is complete, a United States congressman said this week. “It is ... Read More »