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Conservative Group Report Claims Religious Hostility is On the Rise

The Liberty Institute and Family Research Council have released a lengthy report on religious hostility in the U.S… More Read More »

Religious Freedom Has Limits, For Good Reason

The recent Catholic manifesto for religious freedom, “Protecting Consciences” (www.usccb.org/conscience), presents a view that seems hard to contest… Determining when our laws should tolerate religiously motivated discrimination is actually a nuanced question… Read More »

LDS, Evangelicals Share Political Aims and ‘Restorationism’…

Referring to white evangelical Christians and Mormons as “the twin pillars of the GOP,” author and scholar Mark R. Silk told some 300 Sunstone Symposium attendees… Read More »

Private Faith and Public Policy

Where Obama and Santorum Agree: Let’s not vomit on JFK’s famous church-state speech… Read More »

The Truth About Israel & Sabbath/Sunday Legislation

Dear Friends, I have received some emails from some of you about a supposed change of legislation in Israel concerning the Sabbath, the last one was from Jacques Doukhan asking me if this news is true. It is important to diffuse this email among our people who take their fantasy for a reality and think that the Jewish people will ... Read More »

Political Conclave of Evangelical Leaders Dangerous…

Read More »

Christians and Lions

Read More »

Experts: Religious Liberty Threats in US Growing

Recent “grave threats to religious liberty” have emerged… Read More »

Joe Lieberman Releases Book About Beauty of Shabbat:

Senator hopes to appeal to Christians to come back to observance of Shabbat on Sundays…  More Read More »

Politics & Religion: Should the United States Be Governed by Religious or Secular Principles?

Do Christians have a role in politics? Cindy Chamberlain, managing editor, Gleaner magazine, interviews Greg Hamilton Download PDF of full article Read More »