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Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act Passes

BY VOTE OF 38-21 OREGON’S WORKPLACE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ACT PASSES IN OREGON’S HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! ark it down on your calendar, because this bill effort was a “historic,” if not a heroic, testament of God’s divine providence and power working through human instruments! May 29, 2009 will long live in the memory of the leadership and support team of the ... Read More »

Michigan Enacts Right-to-Work Law, Dealing Blow to Unions

Michigan enacted far-reaching legislation Tuesday that threatens to cripple the power of organized labor in a state… More Read More »

Religious Freedom Issues at Heart of HHS Lawsuits, Legal Scholars Say

The regulations that would require employers to provide free health insurance coverage for contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilizations are a contravention of religious freedom, “and that’s everybody’s business.”  More Read More »

NYC Workplace Religious Freedom Act

Subjects Employers to Expanded Religious Accommodation Obligations… More Read More »

State Funding of Religion Will Actually Threaten Religion

As someone who was reared, educated, practiced law and lived the first 35 years of my life in Florida… More Read More »

Lethal Injection Challenge

Lethal injection is used for capital punishment by the Federal Government and 36 States, at least 30 of which (including Kentucky) use the same combination… Read More »

Court Bars State Effort Using Faith in Prisons

A federal appeals panel ruled yesterday that a state-financed evangelical Christian program to help prisoners re-enter civilian life fostered religious indoctrination and violated the constitutional separation of church and state. The decision by a three-judge panel… Read More »

Union-dues Exemptions Broadened

No employee should have to pay dues to a labor union whose political positions conflict with his or her religious convictions, a federal court in Ohio has ruled… Read More »