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GregHamilton-175pxGreg Hamilton


It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united.” Thomas Jefferson

The Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA) is an ecumenical organization that represents, through its legislative advocacy and workplace mediation services, the constitutional and workplace discrimination concerns of all people of faith in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Greg mediates in behalf of those with Sabbath (holy day), labor union, immigration, prison, military, immunization, and child custody needs. He also supports and advances religious liberty in governmental circles, advocating bills, and monitoring laws and movements at the local, state, and national level that would affect religious, social, and civil liberty concerns.

Education—Professional Background

  • Master’s Degree, Church-State Studies, Baylor University (1998)
  • Ordained Minister (1992), Pastor, Nevada-Utah Conference (1988-1996)
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Communications, Portland State University (1987)
  • Theology Coursework, Pacific Union College (1977-78)

Liberty Express

The Northwest Religious Liberty Association publishes Liberty Express, an online news source that explores current religious, political, and constitutional trends—both domestic and foreign.The focus and credibility of Liberty Express reflects Pastor Hamilton’s education and professional backgrounds in evangelism, communications, journalism, pastoral ministry, and church-state constitutional history and law. Greg wrote the seminal work titled Sandra Day O’Connor’s Judicial Philosophy On the Role of Religion in Public Life published by Baylor University Press in 1998.

Ministry Focus

Greg has a passion for helping both Christians and secularists understand the true nature and intent of our Nation’s constitutional founding, particularly as it applies to current religious, political, and constitutional policy trends. As it has throughout earth’s history, Greg believes that careful evaluation of the current shift in the balance of power between church and state in America is central to understanding such trends, both here and abroad.

From a theological perspective, he loves to focus on Christ’s mission to save and the true nature of His kingdom, which is anything but an earthly millennial kingdom as the Religious Right in America continually asserts. Most of all, he enjoys sharing significant parallels from Christ’s life—particularly the closing scenes—that illuminate current events and Bible Prophecy.

Speaking Availability

Mr. Hamilton is available to speak in the United States and internationally about these and similar issues. Call (360) 857-7040 to make an appointment.

RhondaBolton-175pxRhonda Bolton

Administrative Assistant

I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…” Isaiah 49:16. Rhonda takes courage from the ever present, self-sacrificing love of Christ.

Rhonda is Administrative Assistant for the Northwest Religious Liberty Association. She organizes, edits, facilitates, coordinates, and prays for its ministries and those it serves.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Nursing, Southern Adventist University
  • Computer Information Technology, Clark College
  • Worship Coordinator, Committee Chair, Sunnyside Adventist Church
  • Project Contractor & Coordinator
  • Editor, High School Monthly Paper

Ministry Focus

Rhonda has always had a heart for ministry and worship. She loves to facilitate the translation of faith into a person’s life and experience with the Lord. The ministry of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association has directly impacted her family, which has personally sealed to her heart its objectives and outcomes.

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